Local high scores! 1 credit runs only. See foot for glossary.
(Note, we don’t chart scores for fighting games as they are mainly for VS play.)

Aero Fighters II745,100PS
Blazing Star15,807,390PS
Border Down46,276,300PS
Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams
Detana!! Twinbee1,190,400JCB
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou135,716,550 (1-ALL)ERM
ESP Ra.De.14,900,600 (1CC)ERM
Explosive Breaker289,310JCB
Final Fight756,980PS
Game Tengoku3,132,090PS
Ghosts 'n Goblins252,200PS
Giga Wing 2
Golden Axe142.5 (Tyris)PS
Gunbird 2711,800JCB
Ketsui176,560,782 (1-ALL)ERM
Magical Drop 235,050LC
Metal Slug588,390PS
Metal Slug X1,560,420PS
New Zealand Story212,810PS
Parodius Da410,300PS
Power Stone 2
Progear16,935,370 (1-ALL)PS
Puyo Puyo
Puyo Puyo 249,579HIR
Puyo Puyo Sun
Radiant Silvergun1,627,990PS
Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble 4
Super Puzzle Fighter II X
Tetris Kiwamemichi4,220,948HIR
Thunder Cross II275,990PS
Virtua Striker 2 ver. 2000
Virtua Tennis 2
Zero Gunner 2544,850PS
Zombie Revenge

1CC: 1 credit clear, i.e. cleared the entire game with 1 credit (applies only to games with single loop).
1-ALL: Cleared 1st loop of game (applies only to games with more than 1 loop).
2-ALL: Cleared 2nd loop of game.
Any other notes relate to game mode / character / settings.