Welcome to Konbo
Edinburgh's first arcade café


We bring Japanese arcade culture to Edinburgh in a comfortable café setting. Enjoy quality coffee and fresh food, combined with vintage 80s/90s games running on original hardware.

We also run regular game tournaments and themed events. Check our Facebook page for details.


We have vintage Japanese arcade machines running original game boards (PCBs), from arcade classics through to more obscure specialist games.

We have more games than we do machines, so the selection is always rotating.


We make a point of sourcing our food from local Edinburgh suppliers. We serve speciality coffee by Artisan Roast, a selection of traybakes by Tasty Buns Bakery, and our grilled cheese sandwiches are made with bread from Au Gourmand.

We also stock a range of imported Japanese snacks and soft drinks.


Q. How do I play the games? How much does it cost?
A. We sell tokens to use in the arcade machines. It’s £1 for 4 credits.

Q. Are the games emulated? Are they multi-boards?

No, they are all original arcade PCBs running on original hardware.

Q. How many games do you have?

We have over 40 games running across 6 machines, and we’re adding more games to our collection over time.

Q. How often do you change games? When will you next have X game on?

We rotate games almost every day, and strive to maintain a mix of different styles on at any one time. Generally, our line-up tends towards having 2 VS fighters, 2 shmups, a puzzle game and a brawler/platformer/other on at one time.

Q. If I request a game, will you put it on?

A. We’ll do our best! If you request it in person on the day, and we’re not too busy, and an appropriate machine is available, then we’ll be happy to put it on for you. If it’s a game you are specifically coming in to play, or something you want to try for a high score on, we recommend you contact us at least in a day in advance to avoid potential disappointment.

Q. Do you ever run tournaments / gaming events?
A. Yes we do, regularly! Events are listed on our Facebook page (link).

Q. Can I book your venue for my stag party / work event / birthday / whatever?

A. Sorry, but we don’t do private hires. We want to operate in the way a typical cafe or arcade would, i.e., we want to be available to all visitors at all times we are open.

Q. Do you have vegan or gluten free menu options?

A. We always strive to have at least one of our available traybakes made with gluten free ingredients. All of our grilled cheese recipes are vegetarian, and we are looking into adding vegan options down the line. If you have any other specific needs, please get in touch.


You can reach us by email at info@konbo.co.uk.

Social media links can be found at the top and bottom of this page.